Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank Yous

Wow. I am overcome with the kindness and love from you guys. That is one thing that has come out of this: really seeing that there are great people in the world who care about others. So, I am going to pretend I just won an award (which, apparently, involved throwing up all night last night) and thank some people.

First, I must thank my husband who was so mellow and loving and has been taking care of me throughout this whole thing. We brought his laptop to the hospital, and during all of the waiting we watched a rented DVD of "Bridesmaids." So, I also must thank the amazing women of that movie for keeping me distracted and laughing out loud when I could have been panicking.

I need to thank my mom for picking up my slack and sickness in the mom department for Romy. She is downstairs as we speak, probably trying on one of Romy's 700 costumes (this kid gets a new costume every single day, I swear. Hilarious side note: when shown this crazy expensive costume catalog that came in the mail, Romy chose the one she liked best. Mind you, the catalog was filled with fancy princesses and butterflies and all sorts of pretty costumes. Romy selected this one:

Makes me laugh every time.)

I also want to thank my friends who talked me through this, those who have had the same experience and those who just made me feel better.

This next thank you is one that was so pleasantly surprising, I tear up when I think about it. At the hospital yesterday, every single person was nice to me, particularly the nurse who had to put in the IV. That has never happened! (Although, the anesthesiologist was SO WEIRD and definitely inappropriate in a socially awkward way. After he asked why I was there, which is what they have to do, he then started complaining about his knee. Dude, I just told you I'm having a dead baby taken out of me. Then, he asked what movie we were watching, and when I told him "Bridesmaids," he was all, "Um, okay." As though I was supposed to be watching a sad, dead baby movie or something.)

And finally, I need to thank my friend, Tracy, who escorted me to Scarefest and kept my mind off of things, let me nap when I wanted to, ate when I wanted to, and allowed me to watch one and a half "Fast and Furious" movies.

Hopefully my blogging will resume with some normalcy, in both regularity and content. Thanks again for your kindness!


Jenny said...

Adorable! It's always fun to see what they pick on their own - this costume is so unique.

Brian James said...

The gnome costume is genius.

For Halloween two years ago, my friends' 2 year old decided he wanted to be a pickle. They made him a pickle costume...it still cracks me up.

Julie H said...

Jenny, I am waiting for a sale on this gnome. I found a cheaper, different gnome, but Romy's not having it. Brian, that pickle thing is HILARIOUS. Romy's favorite food is actually the pickle. Hmmm...