Monday, August 01, 2011

The Revision

I don't normally fret about a revision as much as I am fretting about the Get Well Soon sequel. Okay, that's a crock of shit, but this one's been particularly hard. Technically, the difficulties have come from a lot of page shifting and trying to expand one plot line, which then made it move all over the book in a variety of tweaked ways. Did that make sense? But guess what-- I finished going through my draft that was returned to me by my editor! That should be a huzzah, right? Normally, yes. All I'd have to do now is type up my changes, reread it, and send it back. But this time around my editor would like me to attach something on at the ending. I don't want to give anything away, but what I now need to add could potentially mean writing another 50 pages. Or 10 pages. I have no idea. What's complicated about it is that I am a writer who writes straight through, from beginning to end. I already did that. Now, I have to write another end, and the momentum of writing from beginning to end that I had eight months ago is definitely lacking. I don't doubt I can do it, but I am certainly putting it off, eating my cuticles, and generally freaking out about everything else going on in my life as a result of this piece not being completed. My  mom is coming over this afternoon to babysit, so I can work. But she came over yesterday, too, and what did I do? Exercised, went to Target, had a giant Oreo sundae at Dairy Dream, and then went to the grocery store. Did you see any writing going on in that list? Me neither. Can I do it today? Only time will tell. I better get to it soon, or I may be out of cuticles.

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