Thursday, May 20, 2010

Notable Quotables

Andrew Smith, fellow Feiwel and Friends author and friend, just posted some quotes from letters he received from students after he visited a high school.  It made me think about all of the sweet and wonderful letters I receive from readers of my books.  Did that sound sarcastic?  Because it wasn't.  I have so far only received two negative letters (which is good because I am a total wuss): one from a father who claimed that Get Well Soon made The Godfather look tame (LOVE that) and another from an annoying girl who only wanted to argue.  I don't argue for fun.  Anyway, most of the letters I receive are of a pretty personal nature, due to the personal content of my books, particularly the semi-autobiographical story of Get Well Soon.  Because of that, I will not share those letters with you.  What I will share are some quotes from letters I received from students at a high school at which I spoke a couple of months ago.  I can tell that most of these letters were required by their teachers, but that doesn't make them any less charming or sincere.  I have so many favorite lines that I may continue this story in another post.  Hang on to your donuts.

To set the scene: I spoke at Writer's Week at Fremd High School, where multiple authors come all week long and inspire students with their tales.  I talked to a packed house (at least 500 kids) about how I got into writing, what I was like in high school, and then read some pieces from my novels.  I was a riot.  Read on...

"If you ever get stuck on permanent writer's block, I'm pretty sure being a stand-up comedian would work out pretty well."-- high school guy

"You were also really funny, and I guess over your performance people laughed the most, not because they were making fun of you, but because they had a good time and you had a positive attitude."--not sure if guy or girl based on unique name

"Your stories are actually funny!  They don't sound like an immature teenager trying to be funny."  --high school girl

"My favorite thing about you is that you are very funny and entertaining.  Not once did I lose my focus on you."--high school girl

"You were able to be funny and talk about writing at the same time."--high school guy

Some people were amazed that a person who was once hospitalized for depression could be the way I am.  I'm glad I could change their thoughts on that.  Let's take a gander...

"I thought you were very inspiring to be so honest, and after [being in a mental hospital] was all through, still have a sense of humor.  You took those situations and focused on the happy parts of the story, you looked at the glass half full and stayed upbeat.  You are the perfect example of how people should act- act positive."--high school girl

"Also I learned that if people went to a mental hospital, it does not mean they are going to be crazy after that or weird [says you I'm not weird!]."--same person with complicated name

"I used to think that [mental hospitals] were only for the 'crazies' that had no self control what so ever.  NOW I believe normal people can end up there that just are having some bumps in the road of life."--person with initials for first name, who could be a boy or girl.

This blog post is getting really long, so I will leave you with this last thought from a girl who wrote,
"You seem really down to earth and easygoing.  I think your story inspired a lot of people in the audience who want to be writers one day.  It showed us that you can do whatever you want to do."



Natalie Whipple said...

Aw, that's awesome! I think being funny is the best compliment ever. I always wish I could be funnier.

Julie H said...

I think that was my biggest concern-- was I funny enough? I always wish I could break dance better. Just so you know.