Friday, March 05, 2010

Movie News

Doesn't my post title sound exciting? Well, it's not really. The only actual movie news (and by that I mean movie news about my books) is this blog post where they try to cast my novel, INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER. They also say some nice things about the book, and some not as nice things regarding all of the ASIDES and PARENTHESES I use (I enjoy a good parenthesis. So nyah.). I like the casting, except for the Barrett guy. The person they chose, Jesse Bradford, just looks like some dumb jock. Not that I know who I'd cast. Ooh! Yes I do! It would be that guy, Charlie Hunnam, who played Nicholas Nickleby in the movie of the same name, if he were still that young. Casting is fun! But I am too tired to cast any more. And I do realize, for anyone who noticed, that I am once again two weeks behind on my Proust Questionnaires. I will get to them some day. These days, I am too busy dreaming about what I will wear to the Oscars.

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