Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sims and Runways

Wow. I am beat. With school going full time now, I am always tired. I hate that. Plus, my carpal tunnel is bothering me and scaring me that I will probably have to have surgery some day. How will I write another book? More importantly, how will I play The Sims? That is what I want to do on this lazy Sunday, but I'm scared that I'm making the carpal tunnel worse. But what is life without The Sims? I am actually on a live chat now with a Norton Antivirus help person named Ramil (at least I think it's a real person- the answers they are giving are very robotic) to help me shut off all of my antivirus junk so my Sims will run smoothly. Pathetic, eh? I have been playing The Sims for 7 years. A fifth grade student of mine told me about the game when it first came out, and I have bought every incarnation and expansion pack since. Why do I love it so much? I think it's because it's a blend of playing Barbie's and playing a role playing game. You get to dress them, get them jobs, have babies, make them go to work and school. It's funny and fun and I love it. Why is Ramil taking so damned long?

Project Runway is making me very unhappy this season. I don't like the mean crap. Jeffrey is a jerk. I will never understand why someone can be so hateful. It's one thing to be angry, but he STILL goes on about Angela. Maybe he loves her, like an eight-year-old boy with a crush. Hmmm... And why did they have to bring Angela and Vincent back? That was mean. I just don't like meanness. I liked this reality show because it was all about the talent and creativity, but now, it's playing unfairly. We shall see what evil they bring next season, and I may have to stop watching. I think I'd like Michael Knight to win, as he is very talented and has a good nature. I also like Uli. She says funny things, and her clothes look very wearable (although not by me. By someone skinny who doesn't need to wear bras). I like her "crazy colors." Did you know you can see the final four's fashion shows online. click here:

What do y'all think?


B said...

I have always thought that it would come down to Michael or Jeffrey. Yes, Jeffrey has a bad attitude but I like his style and I just like Michael.

Anonymous said...

Uli is a one-trick pony and would have been kicked off last night if she hadn't managed to finally pull off a different design. She relies too heavily on the fabric patterns every week and has the same stupid story for each piece ("I live in Miami and would wear this to a beach party.") Must be nice to be a German designer in Miami. Apparently all you have to do is go to parties. I imagine these parties look like the bonfire scene that opens The Karate Kid.